Dear LUSV’ers!
After the great succes of last year, there is a SUPER Saturday the 20th of October, which means (almost) every team will have a home game. This is a great opportunity to spend the day in the hall, support and get to know your fellow LUSV’ers and watch a lot of basketball!
This years theme: “East west, home best”. It’s a dutch saying which is said by every fanatical LUSV supporter every week. The solid wooden benches, a support post that sometimes blocks your view and the lack of some back support: it will make every LUSV member’s heart beat a little bit faster.

On this beautiful day all teams that play, play at home. The wooden planks they call benches can be occupied from 12:00 in the morning, when the first teams will play. The highlight of the evening will take place at 20:00, ‘the flagship of the club’- Dames 1, which will compete against a promo team from Eindhoven. Afterwards, we’d love to drink a beer with you.

We have thought about asking entree (the nba does that too), but we have decided not do that (after all, we are not the nba). So it is completely FREE, except for the bingo! For 2 euros you can buy a bingo card and get the opportunity to win fabulous prices.

There will also be a possibility to eat at the USC for a fee. There will be more info as soon as possible.

For more information and to keep in touch, look at our facebook event:
Kind regards,
The Accie


Dear members,

The board is trying their best to find  new sponsors for the upcoming year. However there are some simpler methods to receive money, which we can spend on fun activities. An example is sponsorkliks, through using the following banner! Using sponsorkliks we receive a certain percentage of your expenditure on items you would have bought anyway. Companies like:, and expedia are affiliated with sponsorkliks. Don’t forget to inform your teammates about this!


The board