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Dear LUSV’ers!
As you know, there is a SUPER Saturday the 7th of April, which means (almost) every team will have a home game, making it a great opportunity to spend the day in the hall, support your fellow LUSV’ers and watch a lot of basketball!
What’s more? To make things even more SUPER, the Accie and Lustrum committees have come up with a theme: America! A chance to play beer pong, eat (free) popcorn, and buy a hot dog…
Last, but not least, after the games there will be a BBQ and a LUSTRUM party at the USC.
Tickets can be purchased through this register form:
Everybody is welcome this Saturday, so invite all you roommates/friends/family to come!!
Ticket price LUSV members: 12,50 euro
Ticket price alumni/friends/family: 15 euro
Please fill in this form and transfer the money before the 31st of March to NL03 INGB 0003 8761 83 to LUSV Basketball. 
Dames 2 want to use this day to raise money for the Dirk Kuyt foundation (who makes it possible for children with a disability to sport). We want to organize a toto (you can bet on performances of people/teams). If you would like to help with this, let us know!
Kind regards,
The Accie & Lustrum committee

LUSV Basketball op de EL CID

Wil je ons tijdens de ELCID-week een bezoekje brengen? Dat kan!
Wij zijn te vinden op de volgende dagen en tijden:10580245_418397801625725_4721077475814470999_n

Maandag 14:00-17:30 op de informatiemarkt bij de Nieuwe Rijn.
Woensdag 14:00-20:00 op het LEF festival bij de Vlietlanden.
Donderdag 10:30-16:00 bij het Universitair Sportcentrum.

LET OP:  als je je tijdens de EL CID week inschrijft krijg je €15,- korting!