Summer training: open for new members

Are you a student and do you want to dunk on your student life? Come play basketball at LUSV!

We have the opportunity to welcome you once again to our open training sessions each Monday and Thursday, 20.00 – 23.00.

At these sessions, we have either one (Mondays) or two (Thursdays) courts and play pick up games where we mix guys and girls from all playing levels. You can also just pick up a ball shoot and do drills without competing, whatever your preference is.

Do you want to join one of these summer sessions? Please fill in the form linked here:

*the form wil be updated with July and August dates later on. Already want to express your interest? Email the board!

Coronarules: no spectators 🇬🇧/🇳🇱

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, no spectators are allowed in the University Sports Centre (USC), in which we play our games. Not only our own fans need to stay at home, visiting fans as well. Fans will be asked to leave the USC.

The rules also include:

  • Come to the USC dressed in sports clothes, avoid showering at the USC if possible. If not possible, the dressing rooms and showers are available.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance as much as possible, not necessary on the court.

Please read both the USC and Dutch Basketball Association‘s guidelines.

Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus in te dammen, zijn toeschouwers niet toegestaan in het Universitair Sportcentrum (USC), waar wij onze thuiswedstrijden spelen. Niet alleen onze eigen fans, ook de fans van bezoekende ploegen wordt gevraagd thuis te blijven. Zij die toch komen, wordt gevraagd het USC te verlaten.

De regels behelzen verder onder andere:

  • Kom naar het USC in je sportkleren, en vermijd douchen in het USC waar mogelijk. Is dat niet mogelijk, dan zijn de kleedkamers en douches wel beschikbaar.
  • Houd 1.5 meter afstand waar mogelijk. Op het veld is dat niet nodig.

Lees svp zowel de coronaregels van het USC en de Nederlandse Basketball Bond.

New practice schedule available

With a great introduction day just behind us, the season is really about to take flight. That means the ending of the summer and the return of regular practices. With that comes a new schedule, which you’ll find here!

Season tip-off: Introduction day September 5th

The ’21 – ’22 season quickly approaches.

Time too celebrate the summer without end finally ending, the new academic year starting at last, and thus the start of our basketball competition.

New and familiar faces celebrate together, September 5th, at the LUSV introduction day at the University Sports Centre. This day serves as an opportunity to show off on-court skills to the coaches, as well as off-court gezelligheid. The board is excited. See ya there.


15.50 USC court available to LUSV

16.00 – 17.30 Dressed up and ready to play. Selection training with the coaches of each team. Division between Ladies 1 and Gents 1, 2 and 3.

17.30 – 19.00 Free throw shootout to crown the free throw king, followed by a skills challenge.

19.00 – 20.00 Pizza, beer, friends, and corona measures.

Xx the board

Practices next week and introduction tournament(September 5th)!

Hi everyone,

Practices for the upcoming season will start from August 31st onwards! Both current members and those interested in playing basketball are welcome to play at the following time slots:

Monday, August 31st:
20.00-21.30 Women
21.30-23.00 Men

Thursday, September 3rd:
20.00-21.30 Women(left court)
20.00-21.30 Men 1-2(right court)
21.30-23.00 Men 3(right court)

Furthermore, we would like to invite current and new members to the introduction day on september 5th! Here, we will play some basketball games, come together, and get to know each other on and off the court. This will also be an opportunity to show your skills, since team trainings will start the week after the tournament!

Do you want to play basketball? Let us know!

Hi there,

Even though we are all experiencing this period a little different then regular, one thing we know for use, you want to play basketball. Well we have some good news, LUSV is looking for you. Make sure to send us an email at and we will answer any questions you have!

I seems that we will be able to start the season in September, and maybe start practicing before that even (no promises). So, don’t wait and send us a message now.

LUSV offers not only basketball but also gezelligheid (go ahead, look it up, its amazing). We make sure you have the best basketball student experience you can find around Leiden!

See you on our (outside for now) courts soon!


Please do not forget, the winner at the end of the year, will have the board cook for the entire team!

First borrel of the year has passed! Unfortunately, we were unable to find ourselves a location for a party. Thus we organised a borrel at the USC. No fancy pubquiz this time, but some good old USC beer and horrible music on the background. Don’t forget, the next borrel will soon be there (21-11-19)! After this borrel (without the GA) the leaderboard looks like this:

TeamAanwezigheid BorrelAverageStanding
Dames 258%75%1!
Dames 150%58%3
Heren 164%64%2
Heren 28%35%6
Heren 346%50%4
Dames 333%42%5
Heren 419%15%7

Normal-gezellige-regular-borrel [21-11-19]

Beste L tot en met de V’ers,

It is time for the most amazing event of the year*!
The normal-gezellige-regular borrel on Thursday 21-11-2019.
As a member of LUSV you have, of course, already blocked your schedule, and are fully aware of the fact that this is happening, so this is merely a friendly reminder!

We will likely introduce the game of Jack Box Party Pack (
This will make sure the normal-gezellige-regular borrel will be remembered for years to come!

See you there,
The board and activity committee

*right after the LIT of course

Games + Borrel + Dancing!

After a very succesfull intro tournament and pubquiz it’s time for the next activity!
The 19th of october, D1 will play for ‘de beker’ at 18:00 and H1 at 20:00 @USC. Come watch and support them!

After these games (we all hope they will win) we can celebrate and have many drinks at the sportcenter. When everyone is finished talking about the fantastic matches of that day, we will go to Odessa to dance off the muscle aches, or to show your skills in the pole while enjoying many pitchers! (from another nice drink for lovers)

Make sure you’re there, because it might be a night you’ll never forget!