House rules and statutes

House rules and statutes

With these links, you can download the house rules and statutes of LUSV Basketball:
Huishoudelijke Regelementen: HR 11-12-2015

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Fine and sanction list

Each competition member is required to perform table and whistle duties. A schedule of duties will always be announced on time. Failure to inform the appropriate responsible person of reason(s) for absence from a table or whistling duty, or the board decides negatively on the reason(s) given, will result in a sanction being imposed on the member concerned in the event of an absence.

First offense€25
Second offense€25 + statement
Third offenseSuspended
Is the fine not paid after 30 days? Then there will be an added penalty of €10,-. If still not paid after 60 days, the board can expel the offender.