Update May 2024: The current season is ending, but you can’t start preparing for the upcoming season early enough. Would you like to join the most sociable basketball association in the Netherlands? Then send us an e-mail. We will then send you an interest form. This way you, you are up to date with the start of the season, and increase your chances of playing during the upcoming season, because you will already have a spot!

Do you still need some more information? Or do you want to train first before you make the choice to go to the tryouts? Mail us! Around the end of August, tryouts will be organized, so keep an eye on our website and socials for more info, and who knows, we might see you during the upcoming season!

LUSV Basketball is a basketball club for students. Therefore, in principle, you can only become a member if you are still studying at a Dutch educational institution. To get into one of our teams, there are usually selection trainings, which start just before the beginning of the season in August. The schedule for the selection trainings is always on the website and on our socials during that period.

When you have been selected for a team and are ready to become a member, you will be sent a registration and authorization form to complete your enrollment. Register as soon as possible, to prevent yourself from being on the waiting list for next season!

Membership types

There are two types of memberships.

Competition member: plays games, has practice one to several times a week in a team and is assigned to table/whistle duties periodically.
EL-CID discount: special discount for new members who registered during the EL-CID period.
Training member: has practice one to several times a week in a team, can play a maximum of 3 games in a season.

Competition member€150,-*
Competition member (EL-CID discount)€135,-*
Training member€90,-*
Subscription costs ’24-’25

*Note: in addition to the contribution fee of LUSV Basketball, you are required to purchase a membership for the University Sports Centre (USC). More information here.

A team consists of a maximum of 12 competition members and a number of training members. Training members are placed on a waiting list at the beginning of the season. When the competition members are assigned, the training members will be assigned after that. Even if you have never played basketball before, it is possible to become a competitive member! The levels vary from the lowest class to the first division, so there will always be a team that suits your level. The Technical Committee (TC) and the board will allocate the teams each season.