Please do not forget, the winner at the end of the year, will have the board cook for the entire team!

First borrel of the year has passed! Unfortunately, we were unable to find ourselves a location for a party. Thus we organised a borrel at the USC. No fancy pubquiz this time, but some good old USC beer and horrible music on the background. Don’t forget, the next borrel will soon be there (21-11-19)! After this borrel (without the GA) the leaderboard looks like this:

TeamAanwezigheid BorrelAverageStanding
Dames 258%75%1!
Dames 150%58%3
Heren 164%64%2
Heren 28%35%6
Heren 346%50%4
Dames 333%42%5
Heren 419%15%7