After the highest visited tournament in years – and the most amazing highlights you would ever see at the USC – the pubquiz was a incredibly ‘gezellig’ event. With our two amazing quizmasters Zuuk and Florian, everyone was able to get to know each other, the history of LUSV, and a bunch of useless facts. Overall the pubquiz last week was a smashing success!

The leaderboard was also introduced. For the ones who were not there: The board will cook for the entire team that attended the most events. The score is percentual so everyone can win. Dames 2 is at the top, so make sure your team is there next event to take over these ladies! he leaderboard looks like this:

Dames 292%
Dames 167%
Heren 164%
Heren 262%
Heren 354%
Dames 350%
Heren 419%