Summer open practices ☀️

The time has finally come – it’s summer ☀️. What better way to enjoy it then to come together and play some ball!

Here is the updated time schedule for the summer practices:

Week 19th June – 25th June:

  • Monday (Hall A) 21:00-23:00
  • Thursday (Hall B) 20:00-23:00

Weeks 26th June – 9th July:

  • Tuesday (Hall B) 21:10-23:00
  • Thursday (Hall A) 20:00-23:00

Summer practices are open for everyone who wants to try out the club and the sport. So come and join us on the court and have a great time!

Do you know you already want to sign-up for next year? Amazing!!! Go ahead and add your details here and we will be reaching out throughout the summer with more details!